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From Detroit with Love: These Watches

After all the hype.

After all the rumors.

It’s finally here.

The watch of the year.

No, not that one...

The ones from the Detroit Watch Company, a new purveyor of fine wrist adornments conceived by a married couple in Detroit (another day, another one of those), online now.

You’re familiar with those other Detroit watchsmiths, Shinola. Well, turns out, they’ve opened the floodgates of Motor City wristdom. Because here come these guys: just a happy couple crafting some smart-looking tickers.

They’re kicking things off with two dark and mysterious offerings, both of which are strapped to calfskin leather and named after historical Detroit things.

Like the 1701 because Detroit was founded in 1701. And the Pride of Detroit Aviator, named after an ambitious oil tycoon’s plane that he bought in the hopes of flying around the world in 15 days. Never made it. Still, great name for a plane. And a watch.

Your job is simply to wear it and go about your day. Maybe look for excuses to show it off. Maybe go to the bar, reach for a beer very slowly and pull back your cuff until someone says...

“Are you trying to show off your watch?”

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