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A Day at Bistro L’Aviateur

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You probably won’t want to spend an entire day at Bistro L’Aviateur. Probably.

But it’s a homey little spot with a French/aviation vibe that opens Friday (see the slideshow here), and you could easily have a day like this:

11:30am. You make yourself comfortable at a table by the window. You’ve got your laptop, you’ve got a wi-fi signal, and you just... start making sh*t happen over some coffee and Tunisian pastries.

1:42pm. Wow. You were really in the zone there. Okay. Now you’re feeling a little lunchy. Maybe some quiche, pâté and a bottle of Côtes du Rhône to get you through the afternoon.

5:27pm. About time to head on out of here. Real productive day. Oh, but hey, that quiche was really good, and there’s still a healthy portion left behind the counter, which means they’re now selling it by the pound to go. Tempting, but...

8:30pm. Well, you got chatting with the owners, then the charming expat at the next table over, and suddenly you and the expat were having an espresso... and then just went for it and turned it into dinner. Tagines of couscous. Goat. Lamb. Beef bourguignon. Sancerre.

11:30pm. The place is closed. So we won’t get into what you’re doing now.


Bistro L’Aviateur
2850 21st St
(at Alabama)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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