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Ribs, Brisket and Tri-Tip from Messhall’s Owner

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Hot tip on some beautiful 18-hour brisket.

It’ll be ready in about 96 hours.

Make the acquaintance of Holy Cow BBQ, a new spot for tender, slow-smoked meats and beer from the guy behind Messhall Kitchen. It opens Saturday on the Brentwood–Santa Monica border. (See the slideshow here.)

After work, when you’re rounding up some friends for just a quick beer... and maybe a few pounds of meat, you’ll disappear into this small, understated nook of a roadhouse across from the Country Mart. Grab a wooden table under a milk-bottle chandelier, or a milking stool out on the patio, and start discussing your priorities.

You’ll quickly amass some 18-hour brisket with Texas toast, fried chicken with honey-ale mustard, tri-tip, Carolina pulled pork and fried cornbread. Someone will mention the California flag with the cow on it, which’ll seem interesting for a second until someone else refocuses you on the California-heavy beer list. (See the menu.)

And if you’re having people over to watch the game (or, you know, How to Get Away with Murder—no judgments), this place has a truck that’ll deliver a spread of meat and sides that serves up to 20 people.

So if you see it on the freeway, get out of its way.

It’s doing important work.

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