Birds & Bubbles


It’s a Champagne-and-Fried-Chicken Wonderland

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Lewis & Clark.

Tango & Cash.

Simon & Garfunkel.

Stafford & Johnson.

Cheech & Chong.


... Inferiors, all.

Compared to Birds & Bubbles, a humble little LES spot where you oversee the blessed marriage of fried chicken and champagne. It opens tonight.

What you’re looking at here is an all-bets-are-off date spot from the woman behind City Grit. And what you’re going to find, in no particular order, is a lot of Southern delicacy (read: buttermilk things and shrimp and grits) and 28 different ways to ring in the new year all year round. Also, a pretty delightful patio. You can see all of those things here in the slideshow.

You can read about them, too. But the point is the seeing.

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