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An Intriguing Place Called the Gadarene Swine

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You hear about a new restaurant called The Gadarene Swine, you’re immediately thinking borderline-obscene pork overload.


You’d better keep reading before you visit.

Okay, so let’s get to know The Gadarene Swine—it’s basically a woodsy, classy and mostly vegan-ish spot from the esteemed Scratch|Bar chef, and it’s opening tomorrow in Studio City with exactly zero pork. (See the slideshow here.)

Say you met a yoga instructor at Whole Foods when you got lost trying to find the wine. Naturally, this instructor does not eat meat. Hopefully mead’s okay...

Because upon arrival, you’ll be offered a welcome drink of mead to enjoy on the patio. Then you’ll be shown to your table inside, topped with “placemats” that are slices of tree trunks. Yeah. We did say woodsy earlier.

Your cocktails: filled with cold-pressed juices. Your food: beer-battered, honey-drizzled, olive-stuffed olives, for starters. They shatter like hard candy. It’s wild. (And honey’s pretty much the only animal-related food you’ll find here.)

Or if you’re up for a whole big thing, reserve seats at the marble chef’s counter, where he’ll personally prepare you a procession of 10 intricate vegetable dishes like avocado mousse and puffed amaranth-stuffed Chinese eggplant.

As if you’d stuff eggplant with anything else.


The Gadarene Swine
11266 Ventura Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 91604


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