From Husk till Dawn

A Ski Chalet with Archery and Rock Climbing

Fe94ba4b524f2cc29e4a1ea880c0134e2246b57519 PhotosChalet Husky
Rifle shots ring out.

Arrows whiz by.

You’re stumbling over rocks.

Either something has gone terribly wrong, or you’re in the midst of a delightful vacation.

At this place.

Ready, aim, ski at Chalet Husky, a seven-bedroom, ski-in, ski-out French palace of respite with indoor rock climbing, archery and a rifle range in Val d’Isère, now taking reservations.

First, know this: it fits you and 13 friends. It’s got the usual chalet amenities (personal chef, driver, sauna). And it’s spectacular.

In fact, we’ll prove it with this slideshow.

You should’ve clicked above, if that wasn’t clear.

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