What the Doc Ordered

A Restaurant Upstairs, a Comedy Club Downstairs

None 6 Photos Doc Ricketts and Doc’s Lab

They can be alluring. They can be intoxicating. They can... make it hard to assess whether you’ll have anything in common. Like, at all.

Take ’em to Doc Ricketts and Doc’s Lab, an upstairs/downstairs joint with enough charcuterie, bourbon and live comedy to help your night along however things go. Doc Ricketts, the restaurant, opens tonight, and the first show down at Doc’s Lab is on September 12. (See the slideshow here.)

Let’s just get right to the part where you’re at a Big Sur redwood table by the windows, with somebody new across from you. There’s housemade charcuterie, a bourbon-heavy bar and plenty of seafood. (Doc Ricketts was a marine biologist, so seafood makes sense, and he was friends with John Steinbeck, so... brush up on Cannery Row before you go. He inspired it.)

And, you know, maybe that’s all enough for a nice night. Oysters, halibut crudo and some light Steinbeck-related pontification. Sure. (See the menu here.)

But if not...

Head down the rear passageway to the Lab. It’s the historic Purple Onion space, where Richard Pryor, Phyllis Diller and Zach Galifianakis once performed. Now, it’s comedy, music, barrel-aged Negronis and wine in beakers. It’s also got a separate entrance out front if you’re avoiding the upstairs charcuterie altogether.

It could happen. Hypothetically.

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