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A New Terrace for Throwing Parties

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Being outdoors:


Being outdoors and drinking cocktails with a couple hundred of your closest friends:


Glad we established that.

Take the elevator for City View Terrace, a new event space at the Renaissance that you can book for cocktail parties and other soirees that benefit from good sight lines, available now. (See the slideshow here.)

But before you start making arrangements, you probably want more details. Here are those details.

It’s an indoor/outdoor situation. Inside, you’ve got a sprawling space with a big bar and cowhide bar stools. And outside, you’ve got another bar, plus wooden tables, blue cushioned sofas and green grass for definitely not practicing your long irons.

It’s all customizable. So they’ll do whatever you like based on the event you’re hosting. Throw some highboy tables over here. Put a pork chop station there. Have fun with it.

You can see your house from here. Maybe. Depends on where you live. But you can definitely see the Downtown skyline, and that’s something.

They’ll host the occasional public event. Like elaborate dinner affairs put on by downstairs restaurant Asador and acoustic sets with songwriters from Nashville.

We hear that’s a decent music town.


City View Terrace
at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel
2222 N Stemmons Fwy
Dallas, TX, 75207


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