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A Tiny Seaside Oyster-and-Beer Bar

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There’s only one way to cure this post-holiday-weekend malaise.

And we’re assuming that, for you, it’s buried somewhere inside this little burst of word nonsense: lobster Venice oyster ale grüner patio chicken waffles.

(Hopefully you have that Saved by the Bell movie in your DVR, too.)

Drift into The Anchor, a tiny beachside oyster refuge with a vast patio, now soft-open for dinner on Main Street in Venice. (See the slideshow here.)

It’s a simple setup inside, anchored by an L-shaped bar under nautical rope, antique mirrors and dangling wineglasses. That corner of the L is where you’ll want to sit with a date who prefers to see into an open kitchen while you do your oyster-and-wine thing.

But you’ll more likely be drawn to the giant front patio if you and some friends have just come from that big sandy place with the water around the corner. And when some perambulatory Venetians you know inevitably pass by, shove some tables together for lobster pot pie, shaved-truffle lobster rolls, Austrian grüners and Californian vanilla cream ales...

And waffle-crusted Jidori chicken wings. Those are only served to 15 tables a night.

Even if they’re shoved together.

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