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A Spiffy Modern Diner in Echo Park

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Your burger duties are simple this weekend.

Grill some beef. Smoke some ketchup. Glaze a little bacon with Tennessee whiskey.

Or just go here...

At your service is The Holloway—it’s like a traditional American diner, if traditional diners were way into Black Flag. They’re serving burgers and beer today through Sunday, then officially opening next Friday.

They’ll be open late. So bring your friends inside after any Echoplex-based appointments. And yes, you’re right, this is the old Allumette space, now covered in black tile, black vinyl booths and ’80s-punk-band fliers everywhere. (Check out the slideshow.)

Before long, here come those cheddar burgers with smoky ketchup, whiskey-glazed bacon, fries and a beer. And you’ll probably all decide to hang out for another round or two after that.

If you’re here earlier in the evening, you might catch a Dodgers game on the two flat-screens. No matter the hour, you...

... won’t find Ariana Grande in the jukebox.


The Holloway
1320 Echo Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90026


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