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Champagne Carts and Sultry Singers at the Epic

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Useless skill to cultivate in Miami: hailing a cab.

Useful skill to cultivate in Miami: hailing a champagne cart.

So here’s Lilt Lounge, two floors dedicated to roving champagne carts and sultry tête-à-têtes set to live music, opening tonight in Downtown.

It’s on the first floor of the Epic, so already you’re off to a solid start. Add in a sleek, modern space with floating copper orbs, smoky purple walls and a circular bar that looks out onto the bay, and, well, you guessed it: date night. (No, really. See for yourself.)

Drop in after dinner. When you’re looking for 1) a little music, and 2) something with a decent ABV to keep the night moving right along. They’ve got a roster of talent from the YoungArts pool performing every evening—soulful chanteuses, jazz trios and whatnot. And roving carts full of bubbly doling out champagne cocktails. Which works out nicely.

But there are also nonliquid things to take in. See, the chef behind Area 31 is managing the small-plates situation here. Caviar, oysters, gazpacho topped with tuna tartare—stuff that goes with a bottle of bubbly.

And your mouth.

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