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You’ve always known where to go for legit dim sum.

Russian Hill.

Oh, you didn’t know?

We live in a world that now includes Dim Sum Club, an under-the-radar joint with the-opposite-of-disappointing dumplings in an unexpected part of town, now open. (See the slideshow here.)

This isn’t trendy, scene-y dim sum. No wan hostesses who moonlight as hair models, no glamorously exotic decor. It just happens to be delicious. It’s owned by some Mayflower vets—you know, the same people behind Guangdong Barbecue Tea House—so...

Come here with your most revered dumpling appreciators. Take over a beige leather booth, take some #2 pencils to some pink paper and then just let everything happen. Array upon array of delicate soup dumplings. Stuffed eggplant with black-bean sauce. Salt-and-pepper chicken wings. Cantonese roast meats. Maybe some more dumplings. (You’ll see.)

And if you’re really going for it, meaning you called ahead at least a day in advance, sure, they can roast you all a pig.

What they can’t do, just so you know, is bring you a beer. No liquor license yet.

Without dumpling adversity there can be no dumpling triumph.


Dim Sum Club
in the Da Vinci Villa
2550 Van Ness Ave
(at Filbert)
San Francisco, CA, 94109


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