Hot Tub, To Go

Jacuzzi-Equipped Limousine

Timing is everything. When to go out, when to stay in. When to dress up, when to dress down.

And perhaps most importantly, when to ride around Manhattan with a Jacuzzi.

We humbly submit that that time is now.

Almost all things '80s have been recycled at this point, but there was still one Reagan-era MTV feature that was missing in NYC: the Jacuzzi-equipped limousine. Fortunately, M. Gucci Limos has updated the concept for this decade by putting a Jacuzzi in the back of a 2005 Cadillac Escalade EXT limo.

While most limos merely offer the chance to stick your head through the moonroof, with this limo you'll be fully out in the open, relaxing in your heated bath with a close confidante while you're hitting the streets...or at least the curb.

Technically, you're not supposed to ride in the Jacuzzi while the limo's moving (life truly isn't fair), but dedicated bath buffs are likely to find a way around this restriction. When you get sick of exhibitionism, there's room for you, a bar and a dozen of your closest friends inside, where marble floors mean no soggy carpet and a plasma TV and PS2 keep things almost as entertaining as they are in the tub.



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