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A Waterfront Patio and Fish Joint in the East Bay

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You’re going to need a name for this meeting you’ve got to schedule tomorrow afternoon.

Something that sounds serious, like it’ll take a good while, but also vague enough to not raise questions.

“Quarterly Review,” maybe, or “Brainstorming Session.”

There, now you’re covered—time to head to Jack’s Oyster Bar & Fish House, a sunny all-day seafood spot on the waterfront at Jack London Square. It opens tomorrow to make your afternoons beautifully less productive.

Nothing about this requires a hard sell. Picture some East Bay sun, coming down to say hello to you and your fellow hooky-player at a waterfront patio table covered with squid-ink carbonara, a Maine lobster roll on a pretzel bun... and a seafood bucket filled with oysters, shrimp, mussels, clams and a lobster. (See the menu.)

We know what you’re thinking: something’s missing. Right, here comes your next round of Sunset Flips, which involve both vodka and pilsner.

Technically, you should also know that there’s an inside. It’s nice. (See the slideshow.)

If you were worried there might not be a marble bar, some nautical hues and a collage with an octopus in it...

Don’t worry.

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