The Ice Cometh

5 Drinks with Enticing Ice. Yes, Enticing Ice.

Any old bar can get you a drink with weird ingredients. It takes a truly forward-thinking establishment to get weird with the ice. Fog or no fog, the calendar says August, and dammit, now is the time for drinks with weird ice.

The Boxcar at Bix

The Boxcar at Bix

The cocktail: Made with honey, Zucca Amaro and scotch—in not that particular order.
The ice: It’s smoked. As in, they add liquid smoke.
The situation: Your jazz-adjacent scotch needs to be smoky. No, like really smoky.

$13, Bix, 56 Gold St (at Montgomery), 415-433-6300

“Something Cheeky” at the Coachman

“Something Cheeky” at the Coachman

The cocktail: It’s off-menu (so yes, you have to ask for “something cheeky”), and it’s basically a Sazerac in shot form. See, there’s a shot of whiskey, and...
The ice: It’s an ice glass, made of absinthe and bitters. Whoa.
The situation: When you need to destroy the evidence. This drink will self-destruct...

The Fuzzy at Pabu

The <em>Fuzzy</em> at Pabu

The cocktail: Shōchū, Campari, apricot liqueur and a tōgarashi rim.
The ice: More of an ice column than a cube, really, with Japanese edible flowers frozen inside. Nice touch.
The situation: Somebody in your life has been hinting it’s been a while since they received flowers.

$12, Pabu Izakaya, 101 California St (at Front), 415-668-7228

The Hop-Dog at MKT Restaurant and Bar

The <em>Hop-Dog</em> at MKT Restaurant and Bar

The cocktail: Hop-infused vodka, lime and simple syrup with a salt rim.
The ice: It’s a frozen ball of grapefruit juice. So it’s sort of like a greyhound, only not.
The situation: You’re at a pretty discreet hotel bar, so we won’t pry into the situation here. Enjoy.

The Gin and Tonic at Press

The Gin and Tonic at Press

The cocktail: Gin. Housemade tonic. Lemon verbena. Seems pretty standard so far.
The ice: A citrus-infused ice ball.
The situation: You’re in Napa, and you need something refreshing after a strenuous day of cabernet drinking.

$13, Press, 587 St. Helena Hwy (Hwy 29), St. Helena, 707-967-0550

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