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A Legendary Georgetown Nightspot Is Reborn

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Today’s place is neither Chinese. Nor a disco.

Which is funny, because it’s called Chinese Disco. It’s a vaguely beachy-looking place, with DJs and a thing for group-size drinks, and it’s open Thursday through Saturday in Georgetown starting tomorrow.

First, the name. It’s an homage to a legendary Georgetown hangout in the basement of a Chinese restaurant in the ’70s and ’80s. And so it lives again (minus the Chinese restaurant) in the space that used to house the George nightclub.

Expect some of the same late-night dancing and debauchery, but the DJ may mix in a bit more country and classic soul. Also: things now look lighter, airier, almost nautical. Game-wise, you’ll find shufflepuck and ringtoss, in case you want to get there early before the place fills up (it’s also the best way to get in if you’re not on the list).

Oh, and bring a group, because that’s who the drinks are designed for. Beers arrive in buckets, shots arrive on paddles, and cocktails show up in growlers. You’ll notice the likes of margaritas and Orange Crushes on the list, or just request any cocktail you’ve always wanted a giant version of.

What could possibly go wrong.

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