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A Massive New Hotel on the Thames

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Common misconceptions about London: it rains all the time. Smiling is frowned upon. That whole “chips” issue.

Uncommon misconceptions about London: the hotels. They’re all wrong.

Here to address that last one is Mondrian London at Sea Containers, the first Mondrian outside the US, taking reservations now for their September 30 opening.

First things first: you won’t be staying in a floating shipping container (cue sense of relief... or utter disappointment). “Sea Containers” is just the name of the building that now houses 359 rooms (by design guru Tom Dixon) overlooking the River Thames on London’s South Bank.

The whole place exudes a kind of 1920s-ocean-liner-meets-1980s-postmodernism vibe. That means: there’s a massive copper hull in the lobby, ample brass fixtures... and a hot-pink, geometric design on your king bed. More or less.

Sure, you could make this your base of operations for whatever London-y stuff you’re doing. But you could also just hole up here for a weekend, what with the insane panoramic views and rum cocktails from the rooftop bar. Or pull up a riverfront seat at the restaurant helmed by Seamus Mullen from NYC’s Tertulia.

We hear his chips are great.


Mondrian London at Sea Containers
20 Upper Ground
London, SE1 9PD
United Kingdom
0808 234 9523
official website


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