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Spanish Pizzas and Tunisian Pastries and Bourbon

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Approximate number of solid French restaurants in LA: 27

Approximate number of solid Mexican restaurants: 4,381

Approximate number of French-Mexican-Algerian-Spanish-Italian restaurants with some Traci Lords art:

Um, here’s one...

The Briks, a supremely funky new restaurant with pastries, pizza and a unique approach to chilling your bourbon, opening Thursday in Downtown.

It’s a perfect something-for-everybody spot to hit after an L.A. Live movie. Grab a table. Any table. It’ll be covered with a collage that’ll likely involve the Goonies and the Ramones.

Then it’ll be covered with Spanish pizzas and coffee-crusted ribeye. Oh, and the house specialty—brik. They’re North African pastries stuffed with things like egg, duck confit, chorizo and shrimp scampi. The Tony Montana’s got Cuban pork inside.

And they take your drinking seriously here. Order a round of bourbon, and the bartender will hit his fancy machine that’ll carve a block of ice into a perfect sphere for each glass.

If that news triggers thoughts of a decadent bourbon-y, brik-y evening with a bit more discreet refinement, book the private room in back—it’s got a table for 12 situated under the smoldering gazes of Cry-Baby-era Johnny Depp and Traci Lords.

So, black-tie-optional.


The Briks
1111 S Hope St
Los Angeles, CA, 90015


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