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This Shop 3D Prints Custom Earbuds

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3D printing.

According to the law of conservation of mass... you have no idea how it works.

But it’s time it started making you earbuds.

Enter Normal, which is like Willy Wonka’s factory for 3D-printed custom earbuds. It’s opening Saturday in Chelsea.

You might have heard of this brand; we mentioned their online launch in our National edition a couple weeks ago. Basically how it works is: 1) You download their app. 2) It takes a photo of your ear. 3) You choose colors and cord length and type. 4) They print you earbuds that fit impeccably. 5) You have a hilarious photo of your ear on your phone.

Or... you can just stop by this massive, shiny new shop (check out our slideshow). It’s full of 3D printers and a killer sound system and an LED wall and... sculpted ears. Instead of using the app, you’ll step into their booth—almost definitely the city’s only ear-specific photo booth. Then go through your options and order.

Then lunch. Maybe a cocktail or two.

You’ll get push notifications for each stage of assembly (which happens on-site). In a few short hours, you’ll pick up your buds or have them messengered.

Legal bud delivery: it’s happening.


150 W 22nd St
(between 6th and 7th)
New York, NY, 10011


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