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A Potrero Pub Fueled by Pizza and Soft-Serve

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Behind Door #1: a prosciutto pizza with pickled figs.

Behind Door #2: a half-yard of pilsner.

Behind Door #3: some vanilla soft-serve topped with sea salt.

You know what to do.

Figure out how to get them all behind the same goddamn door.

Like the one leading into Mason, a polished tavern of pizza, soft-serve and beer, now open in Potrero.

In case you need it said again: this is a place for pizza, soft-serve and rivers of beer.

In case you need it said a little more thoroughly:

This is a place for pizza.
There’s a casual pub vibe here, one best enjoyed at one of the big wooden booths in which you’re cohabitating with people you like a lot. Everybody wants to try that prosciutto one that sounds really good, or maybe the pepperoni with salted cashews.

This is a place for soft-serve.
Vanilla’s the only flavor, but you can get it topped with olive oil and sea salt, or plopped into a stout beer with some marshmallows. Plop.

This is a place for beer.
Plenty of faraway bottles from Iceland and Germany, and three Headlands Brewing beers on tap—available in 12-ounce glass or 32-ounce half-yard.

Don’t worry about the math. Just means it’s a lot of beer.

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