Ferry Plaza Seafood

Ferry Tale Ending

A Seafood Oasis by Washington Square Park

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You’d never call yourself clairvoyant.

Clairvoyants have 1-976 numbers and red neon in their windows.

It’s just that one time in the Ferry Building you put your hand down on the Ferry Plaza Seafood counter, and you just knew that so much more champagne and seafood was in store...

And suddenly the wondrous Ferry Plaza Seafood exists—it’s a full-on restaurant now, with banquettes and Dungeness melts and everything, opening tonight in a bright, sunny new spot near Washington Square Park.

It’s... not really a clairvoyant thing to picture a lot of blue here, and marble tables and ice-bedded oysters and a taxidermied marlin on the wall. That’s just what seafood places look like. This one included.

Anyway, unlike the Ferry Building counter, this place has an actual full kitchen to go with all the tables and stuff. So you and your date should absolutely start out with oysters and a bottle of something bubbly, sure—but then come the Dungeness crab melts, the lager-steamed mussels, the... braised short ribs.

Still waiting for a wrong place for braised short ribs to show up.

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