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Beer, Wine and Salami from Vintage Enoteca

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To stay cool this weekend, you could finally try that ice cube cleanse.

Or just stop by Vintage Wine + Market, a new shop stocked with cold beers, chilled wines and picnic-ready foods you wouldn’t hate consuming near a large body of blue water—it’s open as of today in Palms, from the Vintage Enoteca clan.

Here are four ways to use it:

To properly shape your beach parties.
On the way to the sand, stop at this small, gunmetal-gray corner store for cured meats, cheese, black-truffle almonds and chili-lime jerky. Easy. Done.

To earn dinner party callbacks.
The wine pros here can guide you to some interesting finds to show up with at dinner. Like a lightly effervescent Southern Italian Gragnano, Spanish cider or a big bottle of French red ale. This just in: the French make beer.

To complement your pho.
Phorage is their neighbor, so the BYOB policy there now has some extra B. You could bring a predictable sixer of Tiger or something less anticipated like Icelandic lager.

For impressive nights at home.
Each week, you’ll find a recipe for a good dinner idea—and everything you’d need to make it. Like a fresh pasta dish with artichoke hearts and a nice H&M Hofer Grüner Veltliner Freiberg 2011.

Not that H&M.


Vintage Wine + Market
3300 Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90034


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