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A Food Boat on the Potomac

None Some amazing news today. “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album is actually pretty good.

Wait, no, that’s not it.

You can now get bagels, gelato and cupcakes from a boat. On the water.

Yes, that’s it.

Watch the wake for Nauti Foods, the Potomac River’s first food boat, getting started for the first time this afternoon.

What you’ll want to do: head to the boathouse. Then: rent a kayak or a canoe. Then: paddle upstream a bit to find this old pontoon boat with a teak deck, a grill and some freezers. Then: go to it.

On the menu: some expected things like hot dogs, chips and ice cream sandwiches. But they’re also curating a rotating array of stuff from around town, like gelato pops from Dolcezza, pastries from Sticky Fingers, bagels from Bullfrog Bagels and juices from Goûter. Ask for a bag, and it’ll come with a carabiner to attach to your kayak or life vest.

And in the works: stand-up paddleboard delivery service, should you have your own motorboat in the water.

Always tip your stand-up paddleboard delivery guy.

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