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Raising the Barlow

Some Inviting Neapolitan Pizzas Out of the Barlow

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So the other day you were at this pizza barn on that old apple-factory land in Sebastopol, when—

What’s that? You weren’t at the pizza barn? You didn’t know about the pizza barn?

Okay, let’s back up a little.

So there’s this new pizza place called Vignette Pizzeria, and it’s inside a barn in wine country, and it’s now open from a couple of Farmshop vets.

And it’s at the Barlow, so you’ve already got like 350 reasons to be in that area some weekend soon—wine tasting, getting some coffee, hitting the distillery, more wine tasting...

Now you’ve got the magic-hour place, with three window-walls that open right up to all that Barlowness, to sit down and make some pizza happen. It’ll come from the blue Stefano Ferrara wood-burning oven. You’ll see. Everything comes from that oven. The clam-chowder-inspired pizza. The meatball-parm-inspired pizza. All of it.

Assuming you’ll want some wine, know that the wine wall isn’t just for show. It’s up to you to walk over, peruse the goods and select your bottle—like when you go to a wine shop.

But with more meatball-parm pizza.

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