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Oh, Just Ludo and the Animal Guys’ 21-Stool Bistro

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That’s the number of people in your party.


That’s the number of stools at Petit Trois, the crazy-anticipated bistro from Ludo Lefebvre and the Animal guys.

People: it soft-opens tomorrow, right next to Trois Mec. (Weekdays only for now.)

It’s just... a picture-perfect French bistro. Classic. Tiny sliver of a space with a black-and-white tile floor, arched mirrors and a marble countertop where we can see you and a refined date sidled together over a classic martini and some classic French stuff. No foie gras quesadillas here—think steak frites, mussels, a confit chicken leg, lots of people saying “confit”... oh, and after 10:30pm, your only option is a croque-monsieur.

But as for the lunch situation: they’re doing 200 sandwiches daily, beginning at 12:30pm. That’s it. As of tomorrow, you could get a jambon-beurre and pan-bagnat, and—well, Twitter will update you on your sandwich future. In case you have some strange companion who doesn’t like the partnership of ham and butter.

Last and most importantly: you won’t be able to make reservations for one of the 21 stools here. It’s a wait-list situation.

Ah, French bureaucracy.

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