K & D’s

Home Invasion

Ribs and Chili Dogs from a Random Front Yard

None We’re not really sure what to say here.

It’s just... maybe burn this email after reading it.

Speak in hushed voices for K & D’s, your average, run-of-the-mill barbecue joint being run out of the front yard of a random blue house in the Old Fourth Ward, now open Thursday through Saturday.

To the naked eye, it looks like a family grilling out at their home. Nothing to see here.

But if you look closer, you’ll realize you can walk right up and give your order to K or D (they’re the sisters who run the place), who’ll give your order to T (he’s the guy manning the grill).

But first, know this...
—It’s cash only.
—They serve from 11am-ish to 9pm-ish, so lunch or dinner works.
—Don’t let the huge menu deter you: get the rib plate with two sides.
—Make one of those sides the hush puppies.
—Ask for the spicier version of their two sauces.
—Everything’s served to-go-style, but there’s a picnic table if you can’t wait.
—They take reservations. Just kidding. That’s not real.

And this one’s very important...
Also get the chili slaw dog, cheeseburger, fish sandwich and Polish sausage.


K & D’s
272 Glen Iris Dr NE
Atlanta, GA, 30312

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