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Here’s 10 beautiful facts about The Tradesman, opening Friday:

1. They carved out some space near Trick Dog.
It’s in the same old factory building as Trick Dog, Salumeria, Central Kitchen and Sightglass. Now, why would you ever want to go there...

2. All that woodsiness and natural light.
The owners are woodworkers and design guys who are way into paper sconces, steel beams, wood, exposed concrete and skylights with windowpanes.

3. There’s peanut butter on the burgers.
Also, cheddar.

4. Of course, you could also have some baked oysters in mushroom-whiskey butter.
Those aren’t just a bunch of words you like, strung haphazardly together. They’re a thing you can bring toward your face on a baked-oyster date.

5. There’s wine in the beer. Kind of.
Of the eight beers on tap, you might want to try the Dogfish Head Sixty-One, which has one pretty unusual ingredient—syrah grape must from California.

6. And as for the wine, there’s plenty of—
Eh, you know what? Ten facts is too many. You’re sold. We’re sold. Looks like a great place. Okay, bye. Have a good day.

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