The Great Bull Run

Raging Bulls

A Bull Run, Then a Big Tomato Fight. Okay...

None Ten days.

That’s how long you’ve got to decide whether you want to run down a dusty road that a bunch of horned bulls are also running down, or... not do that.

Hey, your call.

The Great Bull Run is nigh—it’s the roving US version of the time-honored Spanish tradition in which you place yourself in the path of large, horned animals for no good reason, now taking registrations for the July 26 event in Pleasanton.

First things first: the bulls live. This is California. They’re old rodeo bulls, and afterward they go right back to their ranch to hang out.

Now as for your well-being: sure, you’re on a dusty track instead of a narrow cobblestone street, and it’s only a quarter mile, and there are plenty of crannies to hide in and fences to jump over if things aren’t looking good. But still. “Bull in a china shop” isn’t a saying because bulls have refined taste in china.

Anyway, if you’re feeling morbid and you just want to watch this all go down from the bleachers without participating—and also you’d like to be completely covered in tomatoes, please—come on over. They’ve got 35,000 pounds of tomatoes waiting for a massive tomato fight. And there’s beer.

No need to sprint away from the beer.


The Great Bull Run
at the Alameda County Fairgrounds
4501 Pleasanton Ave
Pleasanton, CA, 94566

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