The Sheppard

The Good Sheppard

Dupont Circle Has a Speakeasy

None Earlier this week, there were no speakeasies in Dupont.

Today, there is one.

It’s called The Sheppard, it’s from Spike Mendelsohn (Top Chef) and Vinoda Basnayake (Kabin), and it’s now open.

Here are the things you should know about it.

0: Signs out front. Look instead for a green light on a nondescript building. If it’s lit, you’ll be taken by elevator to the second floor. If it’s not, you won’t.

18: Number of the constitutional amendment introduced by the bar’s namesake, Senator Morris Sheppard, a Texas teetotaler known as the father of Prohibition. That’s his portrait by the door.

35: People that can fit in here. Translation: it’s small. And dark. There’s a bar with seats for 12, a couple of booths draped in red velvet curtains and a red light. It feels like an upscale brothel. You’ll like it. Probably.

4: Snacks made behind the bar. Including deviled eggs with caviar confetti, and key lime pie.

Infinite: Off-menu drinks from mustachioed bartender Jack Caminos. Ask about the BCBG, a Manhattan spin-off served in a sphere of ice.

0: Pictures you’re allowed to take while in here.

And you would never break a rule.


The Sheppard
1337 Connecticut Ave NW, 2nd Fl
Washington, DC, 20036

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