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Your New Dinner-and-a-Movie Play in the Marina

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In ancient times, if you wanted to go on a dinner-and-a-movie date, you had to:

1) Eat dinner.
2) Relocate.
3) Watch a movie.

Kind of makes you wonder how the natives survived so long...

Let’s hear it for progress and Causwells, a new art deco bistro that’s all but sitting in the middle of the Presidio Theatre’s entrance, opening tomorrow on Chestnut.

Well, this is convenient. A cozy little jumping-off point for an evening of stimulating conversation, playful antics and learning how to train your dragon all over again.

You’ll enter an intimate room with antique mirrors, vintage cast-iron lamps made to look like belladonna flowers and floors pre-stained with coffee and wine (totally works, though). Also: a window in the corner that looks directly onto the Presidio’s box office. Told you it was right there.

Have a seat at the quartzite bar. Look at each other in the mirror behind it. Look at each other in real life. Order a flurry of small plates like grilled octopus and pilsner-brined chicken from a former Flour + Water sous-chef.

And since it’ll be open until 1am nightly, a post-movie draft or one of 20 wines by the glass may also be in order.

Or all 20 if you saw Transformers.

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