Rica Suave

Eight Suites on a Costa Rican Peninsula

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The good news: you can now go to Costa Rica and stay at Villa Manzu, a rather majestic new private villa situation that sits on its own peninsula. It’s got just eight suites to its name, and it’s taking reservations now.

The bad news: you’ve got some tough decisions to make. Like...

The Naciente Suite or the Arena Suite.
All eight suites involve personal butlers, morning coffee service and shiny marble things. But these two are closest to the ocean, so they win.

The infinity pool or the splash pool.
Maybe just do a little splashing in both and go eat a Danish or something.

Golf carts or surfboards.
You’ll have your run of the hotel’s garage. In it: stand-up paddleboards and kayaks and those other things we just mentioned. That decision didn’t get any easier, did it...

Breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Turns out, you can have them all. And the chef will make you whatever you want. There’s a wine-and-cigar room, too. It’s where they keep all the wine and cigars.

Dance lessons or diving or sailing or waterfall explorations or...
Point is, they’ll do whatever you want to do and take you wherever you want to go.

If only all bad news were this bad.

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