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Zach Pollack Brings Handmade Pasta to Silver Lake

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Yesterday, something terrible happened. Hard to talk about.

You suddenly realized you were more than nine miles from Sotto.

Two options:

1) Breathe into a paper bag. People still do that, right?

2) Get yourself to Alimento, the new Silver Lake spot for handmade pasta, smoked pork shank and lots of wine from Sotto’s own Zach Pollack, opening tonight just below the reservoir.

This isn’t Sotto. It’s less cavernous, less subterranean, less... two-chefs-in-the-kitchen. What it is: a warm little white room with an intimate marble bar and church pews at blond-wood tables that have wildflowers in apothecary bottles. A room that whispers to you, softly saying things like “You should probably bring a date here. Somebody who can appreciate a good rye tagliatelle.”

The menu will morph a little each time you visit. What’ll probably stay consistent is you starting with a glass of wine on tap, maybe an Austrian grüner, and the chef’s interpretation of pigs in a blanket (translation: mortadella in spelt pastry). Then you’ll move on to unusual pastas like rye tagliatelle with veal ragù or a riff on chicken marsala that involves macaroni and chicken liver.

Weird word, when you really look at it.



1710 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90026


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