Things to do for June 26, 2014

The Weekender

A Luau, Donkeys and More Reasons to Party

Once upon a weekend.

This Stuff Costs Less Than Usual

This Stuff Costs Less Than Usual

Hey, this is something. Pockets is knocking 35% to 60% off suits, shirts, pants and more from the likes of Canali and Luciano Barbera. That ought to come in handy provided you don’t spend your entire summer in the pool. But they’ve got swimwear, too, so... don’t feel limited.

Ongoing, Pockets, 4000 Villanova St, 214-368-1167

Drinking Beer to Save the Donkeys

Drinking Beer to Save the Donkeys

This weekend, Ten Bells Tavern and those delicious wings turn two years old. Clearly this is cause for celebration, and celebrate you will with discounted beer and cocktails. Oh, and a portion of proceeds will benefit the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Yep. Really. Donkeys. Do your part.

Watching Jaws on the Big Screen

Watching <em>Jaws</em> on the Big Screen

Just in time for swim season, there’s this: a late-night showing of Jaws at the Angelika. It’s part of their retro movie series, and it’s your chance to hunker down with a beer and mouth lines like “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Classic.

Beer and Music and Tacos and More

Beer and Music and Tacos and More

Oak Cliff’s favorite bar/book store/coffee shop is christening its backyard with a little party on Saturday. The kind of party with musicians and El Padrino tacos and beer and wine and... that’s about it. But really, isn’t that enough?

It’s a Luau. Act Accordingly.

It’s a Luau. Act Accordingly.

You know who throws a good party: bartenders, that’s who. And this Sunday, your local bartenders guild is gathering at the Standard Pour for a luau-style pig roast. Your role in all this is simply to help them eat said pig while drinking rum cocktails from coconut cups. It’s an important role.

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