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You probably didn’t wake up wanting to read about a teapot today.

But listen, this story involves a teapot. An unusual teapot.

And you’re going to like it.


Here’s Chubby Noodle, an Asian-fusion outpost from the owner of Don Pisto’s that means fun nights of noodles and meatball jook and intriguing teapots, opening Thursday in the Marina.

You probably know the original Chubby Noodle situation, randomly shoved into Amante in North Beach. Here is not like that. Here it’s just... Chubby Noodle. A simple place for simple pleasures.

The simple-place aspect involves some elevated communal tables, an open kitchen and a few wooden booths. The simple-pleasures stuff involves things like... delicious noodles and scallion bread. Dim sum. Hot fried wild snapper. Meatball jook and wok-seared quail. Sake on tap. We could go on and on.

Basically, though, you’ll just want to come here with enough people to make it seem like it’s not obscene when you order just about everything. And when that sake just keeps coming.

And now that you’re practically begging to know what’s with the teapots already (funny how days can turn out so unpredictably), know this: here they come filled with a cold tea cocktail, served with a Japanese teacup.

So it never does that loud whistling thing.


Chubby Noodle
2205 Lombard St
(at Steiner)
San Francisco, CA, 94123


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