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Cold Beer and Street Tacos in Brookland

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You know the old saying about sequels.

They’re almost always worse than the original.

And they almost always lack a 40-foot bar made from a shipping container.

Yep, that old saying.

Well, consider this the exception that proves the rule: Smith Public Trust, a new, more taverny follow-up from the Smith Commons team, now open in Brookland.

First step: enter this place. Second step: take note of the quirky, almost Baltimore-esque sceneryleather couches, a church pew, three stands of bleachers across from a projection screen. If you’re thinking this would be a good spot to catch USA-Germany on Thursday, you’d be right.

Then, grab a seat at that 40-foot bar fashioned from a shipping container. End that thirstiness you’re feeling with an Old Fashioned made with Bulleit rye and aged Zacapa rum. Or maybe a cold beer. (Co-owner Miles Gray runs DC Beer Week, so you’re in good hands.)

When you get hungry, dive recklessly into the menu: coconut green curry mussels, red velvet waffles with fried chicken and street tacos loaded with Dominican-style pork.

So much better than non-Dominican-style pork.

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