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Donuts and Rabbit in the Outer Richmond

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If you hit the ocean, you’ve gone too far.

If you find yourself surrounded by brioche donuts, fried rabbit and vermouth-heavy cocktails, you’ve gone...

Just far enough.

Now you know a great little place called Marla Bakery, a modern, airy, wood-fired-oven-driven bakery and restaurant from a pair of Nopa vets—it’s just soft-opened in the Outer Richmond.

First, the owners got hitched on the patio. Then they remembered why they put all those café tables and mismatched chairs inside: brioche donuts. Baked eggs. Those famous cheese-and-green-onion turnovers you remember from their commissary window in the Mission. And those are just the morning reasons...

You could also come by for a late lunch after a quick Ocean Beach session. That’s when you’ll find ale-steamed mussels and a roasted tri-tip sandwich.

But if you end up keeping sand in your toes until closer to sundown (when you actually get a good beach day, it’s foolish to waste even 3% of it), then bring your towel mate for a leisurely dinner. Think braised short rib with ramp vinaigrette, or fried rabbit with some vermouth-and-sherry cocktails.

Your usual post-beach move.


Marla Bakery
3619 Balboa St
(at 37th)
San Francisco, CA, 94121


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