Taking Atoll

A Private Island in the Maldives

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You just can’t beat champagne and caviar for breakfast.

Unless, of course, it’s served by a butler. On the deck of a private villa. Overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Okay. So you can beat it.

Prepare to maroon yourself at Maalifushi by Como, the first private-island resort to open on Thaa Atoll in the Maldives, taking reservations now.

Imagine the set of Cast Away: clear blue water, swaying palm trees, secluded white-sand beaches. Now subtract all feelings of hopelessness and add 65 suites and villas, three restaurants and your very own butler. Maybe he’ll let you call him Wilson. Maybe not.

Either way, he’s here to help you manage all your pressing engagements around these 20 acres. First, there’s the snorkeling expedition. Then, a very important Indonesian massage with traditional Javanese oils at the spa. There’s also the matter of those urgent lassi cravings you get when you’re tanning on the private deck. That butler... he’s a keeper.

Before a dinner of fresh sashimi, recover with a quick nap in the Maalifushi Water Villa, which you had the foresight to book. It’s the Maldivian equivalent of the Rain Man suite: floor-to-ceiling windows, teak floors, a thatched roof and two master bedrooms.

You like to have options.

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