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Brown Liquor, Oysters and a Hidden Garden

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That famous corner of Belmont and Halsted.

We heard you’re curious about it. About what goes on there. About what’s going on there this very week.

Hey, it’s okay. Everyone’s a little curious.

Besides, we already knew all about that thing you have for whiskey saloons...

So have at it. Whiskey Trust opens this Thursday as a new bastion of brown liquor and freshly foraged victuals in Lakeview.

It used to be a gay disco, yes. But now it’s just like any 100-year-old hotel where debauched rock stars would hole up for a lost weekend—leather couches and faded wallpaper, secret bookcase doors and Warhol-esque photos of young Elvis holding a toy machine gun. Seen it a million times.

Anyway, in this weather, you’ll want to be outdoors in their hidden garden, quaffing away the afternoon with their house millet-and-rye whiskey (distilled at Koval in Ravenswood). Preferably in a Johnny Ringo, their take on a Manhattan, or in the whiskey smash, served with an edible flower.

Of course, if you’re hungry for something beyond flowers, order a meat-and-cheese board (complete with hand-foraged veggies) or some Virginia oysters that you’ll slurp after a whiskey shot but before you do a pickle mignonette shot.

Flowers are a gateway food.


Whiskey Trust
3208 N Halsted St
(at Belmont)
Chicago, IL, 60657


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