Traversing Ladakh in Search of Polo

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Today, it’s all about dear old Dad.

And what better way to thank him for all those years of guidance and wisdom (not to mention some pretty impressive fort-building skills) than with a nice relaxing picnic by the river...

With some polo ponies. In the middle of the Indian Himalayas.

Pack your best mallet for Balti-Style Polo in Ladakh Am, up to 10 customizable days of tents, archery, rafting and, yes, Balti polo lessons and matches with a few Ladakhi locals. They’re taking reservations now for trips through September.

It’s basically your standard game of polo, played with some 17th-century, precolonial rules still intact. Also, you’re riding Zanskari ponies—smaller in size, but used to the high altitude (so you’ll have to think of another excuse).

After you ride, shower up inside your tent before showing off your bow prowess with some archery. Or you could spend an afternoon looking out for some rare birds before an early evening séance. Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, it’s optional.

Also, if Dad’s got a hankering for transportation of the two-humped variety, extend your stay for a Bactrian camel safari through the Nubra Valley.

Goad him into saying, “Don’t make me turn this camel around.”

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