Things to do for June 12, 2014

The Weekender

Steak, Soccer and General Tso Po’boys

And the weekend’s in the cradle and the silver spoon.

Two Solid World Cup Options

Two Solid World Cup Options

If you’re in Montauk: Ruschmeyer’s is holding pond-side screenings of the beautiful game. If you close your eyes, it’ll almost feel like Rio.
If you’re not: A new Brazilian tapas spot near Union Square has all the flat-screens, suckling pig and caipirinhas you need to get adequately passionate about the proper pronunciation of “Neymar.”

Late-Night Jerk Chicken in the EV

Late-Night Jerk Chicken in the EV

Good news: Miss Lily’s new East Village outpost has decided to extend your jerk chicken consumption privileges until 2am. If you require any explanation as to why this is good news, just wait until the next time you’re not eating jerk chicken at 2am. That should do it.

About That New Archery Academy...

About That New Archery Academy...

And now, the four greatest archers of all time:
1. Hood, R.
2. Everdeen, K.
3. That kid who eagle-eyed the redhead on Game of Thrones last weekend.
4. You, just after discovering this giant new archery complex in Gowanus, which is basically the Sherwood Forest of Brooklyn.

Opens Jun 13, Gotham Archery, 480 Baltic St (between Nevins and Bond), Brooklyn, 646-580-0750

General Tso Po’boys Exist Now

General Tso Po’boys Exist Now

If you’ve ever had General Tso’s chicken and wondered, “Was General Tso a real person?” the answer is yes. And if you’ve ever also wondered, “Is putting General Tso’s chicken inside of a po’boy sandwich a good idea?”... well, a new food truck is happy to give an answer. (It’s yes.)

Il Mulino: Steak Edition

Il Mulino: Steak Edition

When you want Bill Clinton–approved pasta, you turn to Il Mulino. And starting Monday, when you want some marbled beef and bison ribeyes under the watchful eyes of papier-mâché taxidermy on the walls, you’ll turn to Il Mulino’s new steakhouse in SoHo. Unless you know of another place with those things.

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