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Big News on the Where-to-Put-Visitors Front

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We’ve got a lot of tourists in our fair city. God bless ’em.

But sometimes, they’re kind of everywhere.

On Michigan Avenue. In the Wrigley Field bleachers. On your couch and in your refrigerator eating cheese.

Aw, geez, c’mon, tourists.

So this is good timing: The Guesthouse Hotel, a remarkable achievement in nice places to keep visiting friends and family at arm’s length, has just expanded in Uptown. (And yeah, you might want to stop by yourself.)

What you have here: 25 large and rather magnificently appointed rooms that are big and sexy and smell really nice.

But should you still need a few key phrases to convince your would-be bedfellows...

“It’s like your own apartment.”
Each room has a full-size kitchen, a balcony with its own grill and other splendid things. Plus, the neighbors are really, really quiet. (They’ll figure out it’s St. Boniface Cemetery soon enough.)

“Here’s a Ventra card.”
This place is about one mile north of Wrigley Field. Just seems like something someone from not-Chicago would want to know.

“Oh, man, the views.”
The top-floor apartments have 13-foot ceilings and access to furnished private rooftop decks overlooking Andersonville, Wrigleyville, Uptown...

And way over there: your place.


The Guesthouse Hotel
4866 N Clark St
(between Lawrence and Ainslie)
Chicago, IL, 60626


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