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Two Chambers of Rum and Games in Union Square

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Rum. Gargoyles. Oversize Jenga.

That’s... a very random list of things.

Most of the time.

Other times, like this one, it’s Brass Union, a game-filled cocktail funhouse from the powers behind Saloon, opening Thursday in Union Square.

Hey, information:

There are two distinct chambers. First...
The front room. A brooding, wood-paneled cocktail den complete with some leftover gargoyles from the old Capital Grille. Just the spot to preside over two dozen tap lines or a Rum & Smoke made with aged rum and smoked lime juice.

Then, there’s what can only be described as the world’s best-dressed rec room.
It’s got a zinc-topped second bar, chain-hung industrial lights and mighty chesterfield couches to decamp with lobster pappardelle. But you’re here for the shuffleboard table and a Pac-Man machine stuffed with 60 arcade classics.

Their Jenga is huge.
And played out on the patio, which opens next week. Beware of falling objects.

They have Argentina’s answer to the hot dog.
It’s called the choripán, and it’s chorizo served between a baguette with chimichurri sauce. Just think of that last part as Argentine ketchup.

The funk. They’re bringing it.
With a DJ spinning funk and soul in the back every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Adjust your funk calendar accordingly.

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