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Wine, Chandeliers and Oysters in River North

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Hey, we heard you met someone at the street fair this weekend.

Nice going.

You can always count on the magic of beer, sunshine and ribs to bring two souls together.

Now imagine what good wine, chandeliers and spring pea ravioli can do...

Better yet, stop imagining and go to Enolo Wine Bar, a sexy little vino den that pretty much has “date spot” written all over it, opening Thursday in River North.

With little more than a handful of seats and a small bar, this place isn’t trying to overwhelm you. It has its flourishes, sure—an open kitchen, crystal chandeliers, little decorative thingies scattered randomly all over the golden-yellow walls.

But really, you and that date are just here for the something-for-everyone wine list. It runs about 30 deep, it offers sparkling, white and red flights, and it’s got something for everyone. That’s why we just called it a something-for-everyone wine list.

And since you already know you’ll have to surrender a little personal space here, might as well cozy up in a seat looking into the open kitchen, split a dozen oysters and some bruschetta, pop open a bottle of nebbiolo and let nature take its course.

Just don’t forget the chefs can see you back.

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