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Twice-Fried Fries and Scotch Eggs in SoMa

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A quick rundown of what your day might look like now that Red Dog has entered your life:

8:36am. There you are, in one of the four booths in the sleek room of wood and white and red. You’re here for eggs. Maybe a Scotch egg or a fried-egg sandwich. Lauren Kiino from Il Cane Rosso is running things here, so yeah. Good eggs.

12:32pm. Oh, look, there you are again, at the bar, with a sandwich and a pint. You might want that egg salad sandwich or, if you’re all set on eggs, you might choose one of the two burgers. One topped with crispy pork trotter, one with marrow butter. We didn’t say this would be easy.

5:01pm. Huh. You’re back at the bar. Imagine that. Let’s just presume this day is a day soon after they’ve gotten their full liquor license, and you’re ordering happy hour El Presidentes, spiked with tequila and floats of Mexican brandy.

6:49pm. You’re heading to the ballpark soon, but first things first. At one of the elevated tables near the open kitchen, there you are with some good people, catching up over a spread of burgers and short ribs and chicken-fried steak and twice-fried fries that’s all pretty Instagrammable but nobody’s doing that...

You’re all just living, man.
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">Red Dog</a>, soft-open now (brunch starts Saturday, breakfast starts Monday), 303 2nd St (at Harrison), 415-692-0211, <a href= "" target= "_blank">see the menu</a> and <a href= "" target="_blank">the slideshow</a>

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