Beelman’s Pub

Beel of the Century

Draft Cocktails. Bacon Burgers. Patio Beauty.

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Friday afternoon.

We know, you’re probably thinking deep thoughts about man’s inhumanity toward fellow man.

Or beers and a burger on a beautiful patio after work.

Maybe you’re thinking about that.

Ready to host you for the second thing (and maybe the first, too, if you want) is Beelman’s Pub—a striking new den with draft cocktails, a ton of beer and generally inviting patio-ness, now soft-open in Downtown from the guys behind Library Bar.

Look up “tavern” in the dictionary. You won’t see this place. Dictionaries don’t usually have pictures. But yeah, this is kind of the definition of a place you want to hit after work with friends—an elegant hall of wood-panel walls, leather chairs and old photos of guys with funny beards, with a gorgeous brick-and-climbing-ivy patio out front. The funny beards clinched it.

And on most nice evenings, that’s probably where you’ll want to be. Watching Spring Street foot traffic glide by while catching up with everybody over drinks on draft like the Airplane Mode, made with chamomile-infused cognac, and you probably won’t get out of there before oysters, scotch-spiked french onion soup and bacon-cheddar burgers happen.

Just keeps happening to you, for some reason.

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