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In the Shadow of the Dolomites: This Beauty

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The bad news: it’s not ski season in the Alpe di Siusi region of Italy.

The good news: it will be soon enough, and this place will be waiting...

Thankfully, “this place” is the Adler Mountain Lodge, and you don’t have to wait until the snow falls again because it’s taking reservations now for summer and beyond.

Before you even step inside, look at those Dolomites. Those majestic, beautiful Dolomites. Can’t miss ’em. They’re huge. They’re going to be the backdrop for your entire trip.

Notice the wood when you get to your room, too. Give it a touch. It’s 100 years old and every panel was planed by local craftsmen. You could argue that this whole place was hand-carved. Anyway, that’s the wood.

But now it’s time to get going. You have wilderness to explore. Sure, it’ll be great to ski come winter, but in the meantime, you’ll bike it, horseback-ride it and generally just gaze upon it in awe.

And when you’re done doing those things, consider a dip in the heated pool with panoramic mountain views. Consider a steam in the sauna. Consider dinner in the restaurant where almost everything on the menu was sourced by local mountain farmers.

We mentioned the wood was great, right?

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