A Vänner Year

Sweden’s Most Delicious Hotel

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Sweden has been good to you.

Majestic mountains.

Sweeping vistas.

The Swedish Chef.

And... the Swedes aren’t done. Now they’re turning out hotels with rooftop pools and truly massive wine cellars.

Here’s the PM & Vänner Hotel, a temple of culinary genius and enthusiastic whiskey consumption, taking reservations now.

You’ll fly to Stockholm, then to tiny Småland Airport, and after a quick taxi ride... boom. You’re in a sleek 74-room gastro-hotel with pale oak floors, limestone bathtubs and a rooftop greenhouse overlooking the pool. Also, three restaurants and thousands of bottles of wine.

Now, commence exploring. Grab a gratis bicycle for a ride to the Swedish Glass Museum. If it looks like rain, slip on the Stutterheim raincoat waiting for you in your wardrobe.

Or just stay put. They’ve got everything you need. Like a bistro with outdoor seating and epic veal dishes. Also, a sexy bar complete with fireplace, barrel-aged whiskeys and DJs who go from Thelonious Monk to house. You know, the essentials.

Then, the restaurant. Watch their chefs prepare some ox tartare on your TV via the magic of kitchen webcams, then head downstairs for fjord trout and a bottle of champagne.

We suggest talking it out with Ruben—the most decorated sommelier in Sweden.

Good old Ruben.

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