The Dock

What’s Up, Dock?

A New Frontier of Wings, Beer and Punch Cocktails

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You thought a lot about what the man behind Commis might do next.

And in your head, he’d get together with the Hawker Fare crew and the guy behind Linden Street Brewery. And they’d all decide West Oakland desperately needed wings and falafel waffles... and a beer shed out back.

These guys really need to get out of your head. Creepy.

Because The Dock at Linden Street is real, and it’s glorious, and it’s opening Friday in a beautiful 1890 building right next to Linden Street Brewery.

Expect a real nod to history here, a real sense of open rafters and stained floors and steel beams brightened by massive windows shining in on the culmination of all that history:

Jerk chicken wings. Ahi tuna poke. Falafel waffles. Cured king salmon on “everything” pancakes, with mulled-cider syrup and horseradish schmear. Oysters with a beer-slushy garnish. Pie.

That probably all made you pretty thirsty. Well, hungry, sure. But thirsty. There’ll always be a daily punch bowl, good cocktails and shot-and-beer pairings like the bourbon-and-lager Longshoreman.

But also... that beer shed. It’s further back. Used to be an old water tower. Inside you’ll find communal tables filled with people who like to pontificate on the very same things on which you like to pontificate.



The Dock
95 Linden St
(at 3rd)
Oakland, CA, 94607


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