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Renting Ronaldinho’s Rio Crash Pad

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International soccer star Ronaldinho wants you to crash at his place in Rio...

During the World Cup finals.

He wants you to sleep in his bed, swim in his pool and sip wine with your friends on his couches...

During the World Cup finals.

He wants you to lounge under his palm trees and... yeah, you get it. And here are some more things for you to get about renting Ronaldinho Gaúcho’s Estate, now booking for early July.

Matches being played in Maracanã Stadium when the house is available (including the final): 2
How close you’ll be to Maracanã Stadium: about 30 minutes
Number of home theaters at your disposal in case you can’t make it: 1
Total square feet of the estate: 10,764
Total square feet of the palm-tree-lined pool: that’s not how it works
Price per night: $15,000 (maybe bring roommates)
Number of bedrooms: 5
Number of beds: 7
Number of people who might not be getting much sleep due to that scenario: 2 to 4
Zen rooms for yoga or whatever one does in a Zen room: 1
Random treehouses: 1
Number of random treehouses that is: probably plenty
Percent chance Ronaldinho will show up and challenge you to a fútbol duel: right around 0


Ronaldinho Gaúcho’s Estate
Avenida das Américas, Recreio dos Bandeirantes
Rio de Janeiro
official website


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