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Turducken Meatballs and 145 Beers on Cahuenga

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Great-looking places with beer.

Sure, you’ll find those in Hollywood.

Great-looking places with 145 beers and turducken meatballs...

Oh, hey, here’s one.

It’s called Ball & Chain, a casual new Cahuenga spot with turducken meatballs, meatball sliders and 125 bottles of beer, opening Monday in Hollywood.

You’ve got 20 draft and 125 bottled beers inside of a stunning tunnel of glossy black subway tiles. So if you live nearby, say hello to your new local watering hole. If you don’t, come and learn the delicate art of pairing exotic round meats to stouts, lambics, meads and Belgian ales before some Cahuenga Corridor mischief or after an ArcLight movie.

And as for those meatballs: get ’em on sliders. Get ’em on grinders. Get ’em au naturel, in Angus or beer-battered turducken form. And yes, there is indeed an ever-changing meatball of the day. Maybe alligator or elk, maybe Asian flavors or Mexican.

Point is: jukebox.

No, point is: meatballs.

But there is a jukebox.

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